THE LOTUS is an established group which is known for their chain of restaurants made the key decision to diversify their company from the year 2000 onwards by broadening their business ventures into the Hotel Industry, Film Industry, Distribution Business, Operation and Management of Cinemas/Cineplex, Real Estate-Properties/Plantations, Construction and etc.

The Lotus Group has won numerous awards for their varied businesses in Malaysia over the years and are reputed for their quality, hygiene and customer service. The Group has business interests in Hospitality (Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts), Movies and TV content (Film distribution, production, exhibition), Retail, Real Estate and Construction.

We believe that to succeed, it requires the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, consumers and the societies and world in which we live.

Our strength is the unity between the employers and employees which enable us to provide our best services to our customers. Employee' happiness guarantees Customers' satisfaction; Customers satisfaction guarantees our success.

"when right, keep it right....
when wrong, put it right..."

Our Core Businesses



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