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Well-known Malaysian actor, Rosyam Nor will make a name for himself in Hong Kong when he acts in the film ‘G Storm‘ directed by David Lam. If five years ago, Rosyam acted alongside the legendary Bollywood star actor, Rajnikanth through the film Kabali, now, there is a greater opportunity.

According to Rosyam, he believes that the movie ‘G Storm‘ is able to make a name for himself among the Chinese audience. According to him, he once received the same response when he appeared in the film Kabali and became famous among film fans in India. “After the Kabali film, my name became known among Indian fans until I was once again offered to star in a Bollywood horror film, House Next Door“.

“However, the offer had to be canceled as the filming schedule clashed with the KL Special Force film. As the G Storm promotion moved on, I became the only Malaysian actor in this mega production and got a lot of coverage in newspapers as well as digital platforms including in Chinese and English.

“Many Chinese viewers knew me through a poster with Louis Koo. While wanting to buy a water jet machine to complete the mission of cleaning the houses of flood victims, the managing director of the company continued to sponsor 19 sets of equipment for free. I am thankful that this G Storm film has succeeded in strengthening the Rosyam Nor brand among the Chinese community,” he told BH Online.

“The introduction to Mr. Garuna Murthee who is also the owner of Lotus Five Star from Malaysia has a open a lot of door for opportunities for me. I have known Mr. Garuna Murthee since the age of 17 when I starred in the movie Gila-Gila Remaja. Who would have thought, despite the appearance of many young heroes, they still chose me”.

Mr. Garuna Murthee acted as an agent, sending profiles and pictures to Hong Kong productions. As a result, I flew to Hong Kong for 15 days of filming in December 2019. Honestly, I never thought of being able to step on the international stage, moreover playing the character of a gangster in his 50s. Everything is like a dream,” he said.

Rosyam or his real name, Mohamed Noor Shamsuddin admits, he will definitely try his luck in Hong Kong if he is still young. “I chose to be a  ‘low profile’ person during the filming of G Storm. My name is known in Malaysia, but not in Hong Kong.

Source: BH Online