Recognising the vast untapped potential of the movies & cinemas industry, the Group’s foray into this industry began with the distribution of Tamil, English, and Chinese movies in 2002. Tan Sri Datuk R.Doraisingam Pillai’s strong relationship with Hong Kong producer Raymond Wong and superstars like Donnie Yen enabled Lotus Group Malaysia to become the sole distributor for Raymond Wong films in Malaysia through Lotus Five Star. It is also the main distributor of Tamil and Hindi films in the country for the last two decades. Success in movie distribution industry led to the establishment of Lotus Five Star(LFS) Cinemas through partnership with Mr.Garuna Murthee in 2009. Today, LFS Cinemas is one of the largest cinemas chains in Malaysia with 14 outlets, 61 screens and a seating capacity of 10,096 nationwide.

Beyond the silver screen, Lotus Group has also been one of the largest production companies in Malaysia. Lotus Group’s production arm Codils Media is a cinema screen marketing and advertising agency. Lotus Group has been involved in the production support of TVC & Feature Films for local and overseas clients.  In 2019, Lotus Group continues to innovate by announcing ‘Lotus Pictures’, an international film production company.

Lotus Five Star Cinemas

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In less than a decade, Lotus Five Star (LFS) Cinemas has grown to become one of the largest cinema chains in Malaysia with 14 outlets and 61 screens with a seating capacity of 10,096 in both Peninsular and East Malaysia. This movie network spread across several major cities throughout Malaysia and most of them located in shopping centers with Hollywood and Malaysian movies as the main menu.

One of our proudest achievements was the opening of a brand new cinema in Kuala Terengganu, the first one there to be equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound system. LFS Cinemas are fully equipped with digital movie presentation facilities and Dolby Surround 7.1 to deliver a superior cinematic experience that will ensure viewers are happily immersed in their chosen movie. Besides the latest big-box office titles from Hollywood, LFS Cinemas are also dedicated to screening multi-lingual movies under various genres to satisfy the interests of our diverse Malaysian movie-goers.

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Lotus Pictures

Lotus Pictures is a film production house. We have established Lotus Pictures for the financing and production of high-quality feature films in various genres. Founded in August 2019, Lotus Pictures produces films that not only for entertainment but to tell important stories creatively for audiences across the globe. Our motto is to make movies on subjects that matter and aim to entertain while at it. We connect people from various cultures and tell their stories.

Lotus Pictures is currently producing a locked-room murder mystery film directed by renowned filmmaker and the film is slated for a global release and will be hitting the screens sometime in the fall of 2022.

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Codils Media

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Codils Media is the sole marketing and advertising agency for LFS Cinema’s Screen advertising. Under Codils Media, we have Codils Productions which is involved in production support of TVC & Feature Films for local and overseas clients. Codils Productions have producers who have 60 years of combined production experience amongst them in dealing with local, regional and global brands.

We are committed to provide the best production support services. Codils Media’s clients include Samsung, Lexus, Toyota, Nestle, Lux, Pantene, Tata, Petronas, Wella, Joyalukkas, Olympia College, RTM, government ministries and many more.

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