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Datuk R. Dorai­singam Pillai – business mogul

Datuk R. Dorai­singam Pillai has always been interested in doing business since he was a young boy. As a child, he sold stationeries such as pencils and sharpeners to his classmates in primary school.

When he was 15, he failed his examinations. It was then that he mustered all his courage and sought for his father’s approval to allow him to follow his father’s footsteps to do business.

At that tender age, he managed to save up RM500 from the small businesses that he had done. That amount of money was just enough for him to buy 25 fishing nets. However, the first day’s catch surpassed his own expectations and he instantly earned back his capital on the same day.

Soon enough, Dorai­singam expanded his fishing business by buying fishing boats and leasing them out to fishermen.

There was no stopping him since then, as Doraisingam steadily grew his business network and founded Lotus Group, which initially started off as a restaurant outlet under the name Restaurant Jay Villas.

He helmed the development of a chain of restaurants, and ventured into various sectors, from the hotel industry to property development and entertainment.

Source : Says